How Garden Share Works

The scheme is a vehicle to help people who want to grow their own food but have nowhere to do it and linking them to people who have garden space that is under-used.    

The benefits for both parties are having a share of the fresh food produce, enjoying seeing the garden/plot develop and flourish whilst gaining a greater sense of community

Garden Owners

Garden Owners need to decide which part of their garden they would like to share. Garden Share Conwy will come and take your garden plot details and go through the finer points of the scheme with you. Your details will be registered and we will then endeavour to find you a suitable match.  The scheme is designed to promote food growing and the growers therefore are not available for general garden maintenance.


Growers need to be passionate about growing food.  Contact Garden Share Conwy and we will arrange a meeting to discuss the scheme and register your details.  As a grower you will be required to pay a small premium for public liability insurance to cover yourself whilst working on someone else’s land

Please note

Once you have registered you may not be matched up straight away!  The scheme wants to make good matches by cross-referencing details and by location.  But you can be assured we will try our best!  You can help too by spreading the word, putting up posters or handing out flyers.

Data collected will only be used for the scheme; your details will not be passed on to a 3rd party.  Personal data will be kept securely.